The welcome to our delicious corner Satisfying your Indian food cravings with our authentic
and traditional recipes.
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The take a sip of our innovative drinks From the delicious Food to wonderful cocktails,
Mughal Empire offer is guaranteed to satisfy all of your taste buds.
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Our the most delicious flavor combos Order your favorite food online all over Kathmandu valley.

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Our Story

Mughal Empire

The idea behind Mughal Empire Restaurant is as old as the Levant. Built by the traditions that shape our culture. A place where you can bring your friends and family to recreate your best memories.

OUR Mission

To be the BEST INDIAN restaurant in Nepal Kathmandu.


To make a difference in the lives of individuals we touch everyday, by working together to deliver commitment, personalized service and a superior experience in both cuisine and entertainment in an ambiance of reality.

How? With Its accomplished team, striving to ensure that every guest receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service.

With our rigorously trained staff, who have a “never say no” attitude

Result: An unforgettable experience for the guest made possible by our ‘winning team’

Food was good.. Excellent service.. Affordable price.

Prasad Ram

Amazing indian food (Hallall) with option of drinks & sheesha The sheesha was best in Kathmandu & the bar tender was so kind that he allowed me to make my own sheesha.

pratik shah

If you are looking for authentic Indian food then this restaurant is for you

Umesh Raghav


Integrity – Commitment, Ethics, Trust, Discipline, Truthfulness, Honesty.

Inclusion – Collective Buy-In, Courtesy, Thankfulness, Peacefulness, Patience, Forgiveness, Balance, Faith, Trust Worthiness, Compassion, Humility, Care, Respect, Gratitude

Excellence and Equality – Quality, Orderliness, Grace, Tact, Justice and Service, Modesty, Helpfulness, Timelines

Entrepreneurial Spirit – Creativity, Sacrifice, Determination, Courage, Wisdom, Assertiveness, Tolerance, Joyfulness, Perseverance, Steadfastness, Passion, Ownership

Empowerment and Accountability – Authority, Responsibility, Reliability, Decision making, Moderation

Performance and Reward – Enthusiasm, Perfection, Diligence, Reward, Welfare

Learning and Development – Understanding, Introspection, Acceptance

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Our food philosophy


We have a very simple philosophy—'cook what is in the season, with love and respect and share the food with people and enjoy life to its fullest.

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Mughal Empire Multi-Cuisine Restaurant.

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Open: 10:00 am – 11:59 pm

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